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The Secret to Selling More Products That They Don’t Want You to Know [Podcast #005]

Copywriting and selling more products

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What Doesn’t Work and Bad Advice For Most Of Us:

1) buying huge copywriting course : Solution What makes you buy?
2) writing hundreds of headlines : Solution How to ____, _____, and _____ in just (time frame)
3) keeping notecards of bullets : Solution focus on benefits NOT features (what is the result NOT how is it delivered)

Tip of the week: – Clear the clutter and your inbox

Everything you need to know about selling and copywriting:

Why is it important? (opening story)
What is it? (modules)
How is it delivered? (modules, videos, report)
What am I going to get? (results + stack)
How much is it? (buy button with price)

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How to Sell More Products in Any Niche [Podcast #004]

If you are looking to make more sales of your products and services online you need understand how to avoid “shiny objects”, information overload and build a real business with real customer relationships.  The myth of putting up a website, getting some search engine rankings and making a ton of cash is just that… a myth.  Topics include…

  • How to avoid shiny objects and see through marketing gimicks  so you can discover what really works
  • How to build better relationships and become a brand that people actually buy from
  • How can make money today without a product or service
  • 2 major mistakes inexperienced marketers make that cost them sales and profits

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