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Tech Overwhelm, Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing & Sales – Erin Smilkstein


Erin is the author of your Itty Bitty Prospect To Profits Lead Generation book and owner of BizRankPro, an online marketing strategy consultation service.

She runs workshops and webinars for business owners to teach them exactly HOW to do all the things they know they "should" be doing online, but were too afraid to ask.

Erin is known for making highly technical parts of working online into simple, easy to do steps that even the most "offline thinkers" can grasp and accomplish.

She offers guidance and training with video marketing, online lead generation and building passive income streams.





Find Your Passion, Position Yourself to Succeed, Create a Winning Offer & More! – Fred Gleeck


  • Why you MUST find your FIRE and PASSION!
  • Don't wait until it's "too late"
  • Consistent action leads to success
  • Overwhelm, Bright Shiny Object Syndrome doesn't when...
  • Put yourself in position to take advantage of EVERY and ANY opportunity!
  • Why you need to be MAD about the price of your product
  • How to create a product that is EASY for you to sell
  • Create an appointment based business
  • If you're on time...you're late!